Clubs & Commisions

Our arts courses are designed to prepare our students for the future as they draw connections between skills taught in the classroom and practical use within the professional sector. In addition to the craft, we believe strongly that the arts play an integral role in teaching our students the “soft skills'' they will need as they grow into adulthood. Opportunities for communication, expression, and collaboration, among many others, flourish in our arts courses.

Art Commission

Improv club

Choir/Chamber Choir

Some of the most famous institutions here at YOF are the world-renowned choir and chamber choir groups. Performing both during and outside of school hours, our choir demonstrates what can happen when our students come together in unison and harmony.


Traveling Troupe
The Victoria and Jack Aini Traveling Troupe brings the joy of music, dance and drama performance  to the elderly on a monthly basis. These outings give students the opportunity to do chesed and a floor to showcase their talents

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