Tsei U'lemad

What is Tsei U’lemad?

Tsei U’lemad is a Talmudic term which means “Go out and learn.” This program offers students a variety of independent study courses each semester that encourage students to go beyond the classroom and learn. Students often feel that, although the formal curriculum is demanding, they are interested in pursuing other avenues to learn something new and exciting. Students may want to broaden their interests or seek deeper knowledge of a subject that already interests them. These courses will not take the place of electives. They supplement the current curriculum. They do not replace any required courses, yet they are recorded on students’ transcripts and may improve one’s average.

Registration: Any Sophomore, Junior or Senior may register for one Tsei U’lemad course per semester. The instructor will determine the number of individuals allowed per class, between 5 and 10 students. Some instructors may require an additional assignment be presented with the registration form to determine acceptance into any course. A student may withdraw from a Tsei U’lemad course at any time, without a grade penalty. However, if a student withdraws after a period of 3 weeks from the start of a course that student may no longer be eligible to register for future Tsei U’lemad course offerings.

Grades: Grades will be recorded on a student’s transcript only if the student chooses to do so. Therefore, if a grade would lower a student’s average, it may be dropped.

General Comments:
We always seek to expand the Tsei U’lemad course offerings, and invite suggestions for new courses and course instructors. Please direct your comments to Mr. Brian Katz, Tsei U’lemad Coordinator. This program has been devised to serve the interests of students; therefore, feedback from the students is essential and will help determine future course offerings.

Check out our Tsei U'lemad catalog for Guidelines and Student FAQ's.
Tsei U'lemad Course Registration form for Sophomores
Tsei U'lemad Course Registration form for Juniors
Tsei U'lemad Course Registration form for Seniors

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