The Arts

The Arts department fulfills the Jewish tradition of Hiddur Mitzvah, which recognizes and encourages the addition of an aesthetic dimension to our lives. This concept is derived from Rabbi Yishmael’s comment on the verse;
עָזִּי וְזִמְרָת יָהּ וַיְהִי-לִי לִישׁוּעָה; זֶה אֵלִי וְאַנְוֵהוּ, אֱלֹהֵי אָבִי וַאֲרֹמְמֶנְהוּ
This is my G-d and I will glorify him” (Exodus 15:2).

According to this teaching, beauty enhances the mitzvot by appealing to the senses, and adds the enjoyment of “beautiful sounds, textures, colors, and all forms of artistry to our experience.”

Through courses in studio art, graphic design, photography, music, drama and related areas, students are introduced to a variety of arts skills and develop an appreciation for various forms of creativity and self expression. Many co-curricular activities offer students opportunities to explore and expand their knowledge and talents. A highlight of the year is Witness Theater which matches selected students with Holocaust survivors in a yearlong program that culminates in a sensitive and dramatic representation of their lives on Yom HaShoah.

Evening of the Arts showcases the extraordinary talents of students, faculty and alumni in the performing, visual and graphic arts. The musical numbers performed by the orchestra, choir, and solo acts range from pop to standards to classical music, actors offer scenes from Broadway plays and interpretations of original student work. Artists have their own venue with art exhibits including painting, drawings, sculpture, graphic design and photography as well as an art gallery of interesting and evocative student work. Students work with our dedicated faculty to fully develop and realize their amazing talents.

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