Judaic Studies

The Middle School Judaic Studies department is designed to provide our students with a thorough Torah education – an education that will prepare them to thrive as Torah committed Jews in the complex and globalized world they will be citizens in. This guiding vision guides our curriculum, the skills we emphasize, and the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities we provide our students with to enhance their educational experience and inspire them to develop the middot (character traits) that serve as the hallmark of Bnei and Bnot Torah. Realizing that our students are at the age of Bar and Bat Mitzvah we do all we can to make their experience with us during these formative years the most productive and growth-oriented possible.

Among the skills we stress in all disciplines are: reading Hebrew, speaking and writing Hebrew, textual analysis, and critical and innovative thinking. Our faculty often employ an inter-disciplinary approach to their subjects and constantly stress the relevance and importance of what we teach and its application our students’ everyday lives.


Our Tanakh curriculum includes both the study of Chumash and Navi. To facilitate familiarity with the Tanakh, as well as the ability to reference other parts of Tanakh during class, all students are given their personal Tanakh upon entry into the Middle Division. The Tanakh is theirs to take ownership of in every sense of the term.
Students are taught through multiple modals of education, with state of the art technology, the narratives of what they are studying, the skills necessary to navigate the texts, and the life lessons these texts teach.
In Chumash, the current course of study includes, Sefer Bamidbar and Sefer Devarim. In Navi students study the two books of Shmuel and the first book of Melachim.


Our Gemara curriculum introduces students to the intensive study of Torah Sh’bal Peh (the Oral Law, i.e., Talmud) in sixth grade, with a special focus on Mishnah. In seventh and eighth grades students study various masechtot of Gemara. Besides analyzing the Gemara, students are taught the unique textual skills necessary to study Gemara and understand its many nuances. Students also are familiarized with the components of the Halachik process. Students are also taught Talmudic critical thinking and questioning skills.


The Halacha curriculum students study is twofold. One part addresses the laws and customs of the Jewish holidays. The second part addresses specific areas of Jewish law that students experience routinely such as Kashrut, Shabbat, and Tefilah. We also have introduced students to units on financial integrity and honesty in everyday life.


Our Lashon curriculum is built around the goal of teaching and facilitating the students to be conversant and “at home” with both classical and modern Hebrew. Vocabulary and grammar units are chosen that reflect the words and skills necessary to study Tanakh together with the ability to read and converse in modern Hebrew. Since the Yeshivah of Flatbush is one the only Ivrit B’Ivrit schools, the lessons learned in Lashon class enable our students to learn their other subjects in Ivrit with confidence.

As part of our commitment to Medinat Yisrael and Am Yisrael, students participate in many classes, seminars, special programs, and chesed projects highlighting the centrality of Zionism to our lives.
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