10 Core Values

1. יראת שמים/אהבת השם

Awe and love are the foundation for an on-going relationship with Hashem, which is cultivated in order to inspire commitment to Torah and mitzvot.

צלם אלקים .2 

Every human being is created in the image of God and therefore should be treated with dignity, respect, and derekh eretz.

3. תלמוד תורה/שמירת המצוות

On going study of the Torah through traditional and contemporary methods shapes the learner and enables lifetime observance of the mitzvot.

 4. חכמה

The study of the sciences, humanities and the arts fulfills the halakhic imperative to engage God’s world and prepares students to contribute productively to society.

5. אמת

Honesty, trust, and conduct in accordance with the highest standards of integrity are religious imperatives and form the basis of community.

6. חסד

Acts of loving-kindness within and out of one’s social circles develop an individual’s character and foster arevut (responsibility to others).

7. מדינת ישראל

The establishment of the modern-day State of Israel is a divine gift and the initial fulfillment of a millennia-old national longing. It is our obligation to pray for, celebrate support, and strengthen its existence.

8. שלום המלכות

The United States of America is founded on principles concomitant with Judaism and extends kindness to the Jewish people. We proudly support, celebrate and pray for the welfare of this great nation.

9. לשון הקודש

The Hebrew Language is a cherished and sanctified treasure of the Jewish people. Conducting Judaic studies Ivrit b’Ivrit and communicating in Hebrew is essential to a complete Torah education.

10. השתדלות

Diligent and persistent effort, especially when facing and overcoming challenges, are fundamental to achieving growth and excellence.

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