Scholars Program


The Blumenthal Scholars Program is an extra curricular mentored program driven by students interests. It fosters creative intelligence through project or research based learning. Students explore and research their interests or passions in an academic way and make real world connections with experts in their fields. The exploration and research culminate in a student product that can have a public impact or meaningful application. This program cultivates collaboration, academic rigor, peer review, self assessment and self reflection.

The group meets 
monthly to discuss their projects; students also have individual meetings with the program coordinator to help guide them through the process.

1. Exploration
The project's preliminary research phase begins by brainstorming topics of interest and discussing group and individual goals, including how we become originators, scholars, thinkers and creators; how we develop ideas and learning style; what makes someone an expert; what role difficulty or discomfort plays in learning; and how we can become experts.

2. Developing and Planning

In this stage, students secure and finalize their topics and fully develop the essential question or area of study, using books, articles, real world experience, mentors, and fieldwork to determine a hypothesis. The scholars get feedback from one another and begin to make connections with real world experts and mentors, and follow each other's processes and experiences. Significant conversations include: the importance of critical thinking, how to evaluate the reliability and validity of sources, answering questions such as how to explore more deeply, problem solving and connecting and understanding the larger community that shares your interests.

3. Implementing
Students compile all the research, experience and work to form conclusions. Scholars continue to share their progress, questioning, encouraging, and helping each other perfect the projects. Brainstorming activities foster creativity and shared experience and collaboration to make connections and create engaging and effective projects.

4. Presenting
Scholars will celebrate and share their accomplishments at a formal presentation of their projects to faculty, principals, parents, Board members and guests at the end of the school year. Final research papers will be included in the official program and distributed to all attendees.

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