JBHS Pathfinders Sophomore "Find Your Why Day"

November 27, 2019

Last week, the JBHS Pathfinders department held its second annual Sophomore "Find Your Why Day." The goal of the program was to help students learn about themselves, their values, and their interests. To jump into the day, students were posed with the notion that when it comes to their path, they may be focused on the "WHAT;" what college, career, etc, but at this stage in their lives, they should start asking themselves the "WHY." This means gaining an understanding of what motivates them, what gets them excited, and the reasons behind many of their likes and dislikes. If they have more clarity about "WHY," the "HOW" and the "WHAT" will become more clear as they experience more. 

The program started with two alumni speakers, Charles Chakkalo and Samantha Chabot, who spoke about how their experience at Flatbush influenced their personal and career development. Then students broke out into groups, with teachers as facilitators, and had discussions and interactive activities about learning how to be introspective, determining what their values are, getting involved in extracurriculars and clubs outside of the classroom, discovering different learning styles, and acknowledging aspects of their personality that they may have not realized or acknowledged before. It was a great day! 
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