Chesed / Community Service

Chesed and Community Service Program

Here at Yeshivah of Flatbush High School we encourage students to volunteer at activities they enjoy, and perhaps explore some new options as well.

At the same time students must complete at least 15 hours per semester.


1. Find an organization/program you would like to volunteer for.

2. You must have the activity pre-approved by Mrs. Sara Ovadia (Fresh. & Soph.) or Rabbi Moses Haber (Jr. & Sr.). You can get additional pre-approval cards from Mrs. Nawlo.

3. After finishing the activity, have the adult in charge of the program fill out the card detailing the date, number of hours and the specific work you did. The card must be signed and include the contact information of the person in charge or it will be returned as incomplete. Download chesed cards here

4. Make a copy or take a photo of the card for your records and submit the original to Mrs. Ovadia (Fresh. & Soph.) or Rabbi Haber (Jr. & Sr.). The hours should be submitted within 10 days after they have been performed.

5. You can check the status of your hours by clicking on this link.