Blueprint for Excellence: The Campaign for the Joel Braverman High School


The Yeshivah of Flatbush has begun an all-embracing initiative to rethink the student experience and create a 21st century educational environment to stimulate learning. This ambitious campaign is about far more than the look or profile of our school; it is about what we can do for each student day in and day out. 

To assure educational excellence for decades to come, we are reimagining our facilities and the range of the student experience. Enhancements began with the modernization of our science labs, student lounge, lobbies and upgrades auditorium. We are now designing a new South Building with Bet Midrash, library, gymnasium, digital arts wing, guidance center, student commons, classrooms and more! This ambitious campaign will open doors for our students to find and pursue individual passions and strengths. We are encouraged that this will enrich them as human beings as well as translate into robust college acceptances. Blueprint for Excellence: The Campaign for the Joel Braverman High School is dedicated to providing physical spaces on the Al and Sonny Gindi Campus that match the quality of learning found in our school. 
The Yeshivah of Flatbush has long thrived on a tradition of generosity from its families, trustees, alumni and friends. We salute those forward thinking people who have already stepped up to support one of the most important undertakings in our school’s history, one which will influence generations to come. Be inspired by the accomplishments and creativity of our children. Provide them with an educational environment with ever expanding possibilities. Be inspired by your friends and neighbors who have already made a commitment. 
Join us as we follow the path of previous generations, whose generosity and vision created our great Yeshivah. Let us ensure that the Yeshivah of Flatbush is strong for generations to come. 
Blueprint for Excellence Cabinet
Steven Adelsberg   Robert Frastai
Mark Goldstein       Abie Hidary
Hymie Mamiye       Jack Mann
David Oved            Jack A. Rahmey
Alan Shamah
To learn more about the Blueprint for Excellence Campaign,
contact Executive Director Rabbi Seth Linfield at 718-377-4040 x295.