Early Childhood at the Yeshivah of Flatbush consists of Atideinu2s and 3s, our program for two- and three-year olds, Nursery for four-year olds and Kindergarten for our children who are five years of age.

Full Day, 9-3
Half Day, 9-1
Transitional Class, 9-1 with mid-year change to 9-3

Atideinu3s, Nursery and Kindergarten
Monday - Thursday, 9-3, Friday, 9-12:30

In our classes we create a warm, caring and supportive environment. Our exciting and creative curricula provide abundant opportunities for children to grow, play, learn, experience and develop.

Our weekly music and gym programs are enhanced by special events throughout the year, such as:

  • Nursery Rhyme Day
  • American Day
  • Science Fair
  • Petting Zoo
  • Drum Program
  • Gym, Music (Hebrew and English) and T'nuah (Hebrew movement)
  • Reading in Pajamas
  • Rosh Chodesh assemblies, Pow Wows, Chanukah assemblies, trips and more!

Our experienced staff is comprised of loving early childhood educators whose professional training enables them to meet the educational, social and emotional needs of the children.

Hebrew Language Immersion
Research has shown that the key to success in the acquisition of a second language is to begin as early as possible. It is suggested that children be taught the second language in their formative years, with many opportunities for listening, saying words and then short phrases. Music, movement, games and art should be integral parts of the language experience. In the Early Childhood Program, classes will have one teacher who speaks only Hebrew to the children and one teacher who interacts with them only in English (both are bilingual). We feel our children will acquire Hebrew comfortably and naturally. This will provide them with a strong basis in the Hebrew language for all future learning.