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All students are required to complete 30 hours per year of community service. This requirement introduces students to the value of volunteerism. Many students become leaders in chesed/community service and worthy causes, after graduating, for a lifetime.
We encourage students to volunteer at activities they enjoy, and perhaps explore some new options as well. At the same time students must complete at least 15 hours per semester.

Five (5) of the thirty (30) hours required annually can be completed through participation in a school organized Chesed/Community service program during school hours.No more than 10 hours will be accepted per activity.

The fifteen (15) hour per semester requirement will be granted to you provided you submit your 15 hours on signed cards on or before the following dates each semester (Dec. 30 /27 Tevet and June 2nd/4 Sivan). If not submitted on time you will be required to hand in twenty (20) hours, by the end of each semester. Failure to submit hours will result in an ‘F’ on the student transcript. The ‘F’ will become a ‘C’ when the hours are made up. Failure to complete this requirement will delay receipt of a diploma.

Up to five (5) Summer Hours will be accepted if pre-approved before June 20th with your faculty advisor. You must submit a request in writing listing the specific organization, contact person and project being volunteered for. An excellent example would be volunteering/interning at a community hospital. These five (5) hours can be accrued towards the  following  year’s requirement.

Students may not be paid for their time, nor may they work for an established private business.

Since you must attain pre-approval for each program, there will not be any question or doubt whether the activity you chose is acceptable.
Tizku LeMissvot!


  1. Find an organization/program you would like to volunteer for.
  1. You must have the activity pre-approved by Mrs. Sara Ovadia (Fresh. & Soph.) or Rabbi Moses Haber (Jr. & Sr.). You can get additional pre-approval cards from Mrs. Nawlo.
  1. After finishing the activity, have the adult in charge of the program fill out the card detailing the date, number of hours and the specific work you did. The card must be signed and include the contact information of the person in charge or it will be returned as incomplete.
  1. Make a copy or take a photo of the card for your records and submit the original to Mrs. Ovadia (Fresh. & Soph.) or Rabbi Haber (Jr. & Sr.). The hours should be submitted within 10 days after they have been performed.
  1. You can check the status of your hours by going to the link that your supervisor will send out to you.


  • Yachad – Rabbi Naftali Besser
  • Peer tutoring - coordinated by the guidance department.
  • Outreach Programs - visit nursing homes, help prepare and deliver food packages – Rabbi Naftali Besser
  • School events- help at Parent/ Teacher night, Open House, Yom HaShoah program, Yom Ha’atzmaut program – see faculty in charge
  • Ladies Auxiliary events - Chinese Auction, Carnival, Bingo Night, Book Club meetings – Mrs. Peggy Chernikoff (extension 113).
  • Office - secretaries occasionally ask for volunteers to help out.
  • Library – Mrs. Kurtz
  • Chesed Mission – Rabbi Naftali Besser


  • Sephardic Bikur Cholim (SBH) -   Challot delivery, hospital visits, homework helpers.
  • Masbia and Ahavas Chesed - help serve food to less fortunate.
  • Hospitals - Coney Island, Maimonides or a hospital near your home that gets approval.
  • Aishel Shabat and Tomchei Shabbos - Pack and deliver food packages for Shabbat. 
  • Kids of Courage
  • Sephardic Community Center (SCC)
  • Jewish Community Center (JCC)

Freshman & Sophomore Supervisor:

Mrs. Sara Ovadia
Room: 405
Junior & Senior Supervisor:

Rabbi Moses Haber
Room 309 (Office)

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