Sending Scores

Most colleges and universities require that students submit official standardized test scores in order to complete the college application. The Department of College Guidance cannot send official scores to the colleges; students must send the scores themselves, directly from their College Board online account. It is imperative that students understand the testing requirements for each college to which they apply as the requirements can change each year, or even for different programs within a college.

Sending SAT /Subject Score Reports: $11.25 per college

These tests are sent as a cumulative report, meaning that every SAT and Subject Test ever taken will be included in the score report. You must send your scores after the last test you take, to include the results of the latest test along with the results from every other test date. Virtually all colleges will select your BEST Critical Reading score, BEST Math score and BEST Writing Score. Similarly, if the college requires 2 or 3 Subject Tests, they will select the BEST 2 or 3 Subject Tests or the BEST of the specific tests they may require. If your college does not require Subject Test results, they will not use your scores in the selection process. Some schools use Subject Test results for placement after you enroll.  Please note that if you use the free score reports that you are entitled to with your test registration; all scores will be released together after your latest test is scored.

Score Choice

Since March 2009, students have been able to use College Board’s new score-reporting feature.  This means that students can select any individual test date of the SAT exam to send to colleges and can select individual subject tests (even from the same date) to send. If students choose not to use the score-reporting feature, then tests will be sent cumulatively, as described above.  Please note that some colleges will not allow score choice; they require that all SAT scores be sent so it is important for students to check the score reporting policies of the colleges to which they apply.

Sending ACT Score Reports: $12.00 per college

Each ACT Test is unique and the student must select the score from one test date to be sent. Generally, students choose the test date with the highest composite score.

Sending AP Score Reports: $15.00 per college

At each test administration, students have the opportunity to identify a college to receive their AP score results. To send a grade report sent to a college after the test administration, you can contact AP Services (P.O. Box 6671, Princeton, NJ, 08541-6671) to request the delivery of additional grade reports. Requests generally take one week to process from the date they are received and cost $15 per report. Rush reports are processed within two working days and are available for $25 per report. You may also call (609) 771-7300 or (888) 225-5427 for assistance.