Participant Comments
“Volunteering at Monmouth Medical was not something that had to be done – it was something that I wanted to do and anticipated doing every morning.”  Bert Chabot
“I spent most of my summer in The Brooklyn Supreme Court observing Steven Cohn and Phil Furia, two practicing divorce law attorneys from Goldberg and Cohn.    When I wasn’t in court I was in their office reading through affidavits, court orders, or motions.  This experience helped me learn about the court process and procedures and convinced me to really consider law as a future career.” Saul Tbeile
“My volunteering experience (with a doctor at Methodist Hospital) was not only an interesting one, but it was enlightening and enjoyable.  I was immersed in the field of medicine in a practical setting, and was able to take my first steps into my future.” Steven Burekhovich
“This past summer I interned at Genesis, a fertility clinic.  I shadowed Dr. Richard Grazi, followed IVF procedures in a laboratory and I helped out with a research project about the incidence of twins after fertility treatment. After 6 weeks at the clinic, I had a clearer understanding of what it means to be a doctor.  Even more than the science, I learned about the importance of the doctor-patient relationship.  In this very emotional branch of medicine, it was crucial to handle each individual situation with care and I learned the balance between being empathetic and emotionally detached.”  Eliana Schwartz
“Thanks to Pathfinders, my summer internship not only introduced me to a real work environment but also gave me insight about the hardships that people face and how a high school student can impact those people’s lives.”  Raquel Lifshutz, National Children’s Leukemia Foundation
“My volunteer experience brought happiness, pride and comfort, not only to many other people but also to myself.”  Sally Sabin, Monmouth Medical Center