Elementary School

Mrs. Ruth Waide, Director of Pupil Personnel Services at the Yeshivah of Flatbush Elementary School, supervises and oversees daily activity in its Guidance Department, Resource Room, Medical Office and Department of Education Special Education services.

Guidance Department
The guidance staff includes Mrs. Sara Kagan (School Psychologist), Mrs. Carly Namdar (School Psychologist), Mr. Chesky Pivovoz (Social Worker), Ms. Ilana Pollack (School Psychologist), Mrs. Minna Samra (Psychological Evaluator), Mrs. Sally Shatzkes (Drama Therapist), and Dr. Pearl Weiss (School Psychologist) as well as supervised school psychology and social work interns. We maintain an open door policy and present with friendly faces as we strive to create a warm atmosphere for students, parents and faculty of the Yeshivah of Flatbush.  Classroom observations and ongoing consultations with the school’s principals, teachers and parents enable us to maintain a supportive, stimulating and productive atmosphere for students, parents and faculty and have a better understanding of each child’s academic, social, emotional and behavioral level of functioning.

The Guidance Department has evolved into a multi-faceted program that deals with a variety of issues on a daily basis. Students entering Kindergarten or who are transferring into the grades are tested for admission by a PPS staff member.  Once admitted and as they pass through the grades, students’ needs are assessed and plans of action are considered based on their needs. Students are seen in group counseling sessions or for individual sessions in order to help them cope with any number of concerns ranging from difficulties with peers, parental divorce and bereavement to positive social skills, accepting individual differences and appropriate hygiene skills. Workshops are provided for parents and faculty on many different topics that include positive discipline at home and effective praise at school. 

The Yeshivah of Flatbush believes that a partnership between school and home is essential and that it is an integral part of our students’ success. To that end, the Guidance Department invites parents to contact us at any time with any issue.  We also invite parents to participate in programs and activities of the Parent’s Choices Commission, which fosters awareness about life skills needed to face the challenges of society and promotes communication among the parent body as well as between parents and their pre-teen and teen.

Resource Room
Ms. Esther Stern, Resource Room Director, heads a staff of Hebrew and English teachers who strive each day to help students reach their academic potential. Each student’s academic readiness skills or performance is carefully evaluated and reassessed on a regular basis in order to track progress in all subjects.  Students diagnosed with speech/language, fine/gross motor, or learning disabilities may receive additional in-class support or small group instruction in order to strengthen their skills and knowledge in the necessary areas. Some students may be entitled to receive classroom modifications, such as extended time on tests or the use of a keyboard to take notes in class, in order to facilitate their success. The resource room teachers strive to teach students appropriate strategies and study habits that can be used throughout their academic careers. The staff works closely with classroom teachers and parents to maximize the benefits of services provided. 

Department of Education Support Services
Mrs. Minna Samra coordinates services provided by the New York State Department of Education that can be implemented at the Yeshivah. Services included are speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and other related services.

Medical Office
Mrs. Shmuela Nemet, R.N, is our full-time nurse at the Elementary School aided by Mrs. Shelly Kopyt and Mrs. Pam Poret, R.N. Medical and immunization records are carefully recorded and students are regularly checked for pediculosis by outside personnel. Each child receives an in-school hearing screening in Kindergarten by the Lexington Hearing Center. Every other year, the students’ vision is assessed in school by Maimonides Hospital. Children visit the office to receive medication, bandages, ice packs or simply some TLC. Mrs. Nemet also conducts programs for fifth and sixth grade girls as they are at the critical age where they are beginning to develop and she coordinates the C.P.R. and Defibrillator training courses for the Yeshivah staff.