YOF Sends Messages of Solidarity Overseas READ MORE

Before our winter intersession, students in the Yeshivah of Flatbush Elementary School participated in two letter writing initiatives, sending messages of solidarity and support to Jews in other countries.


Students wrote letters in Hebrew to Ayala Shapira, a young girl who was injured in a terrorist attack while in the car with her father in Israel. During the break, Associate Principal of Torah Studies, Lower Division Rivka Zaklikowski delivered over 400 letters from our students to Ayala's parents at Tel HaShomer hospital. While she wasn't able to see Ayala, her parents expressed deep gratitude for the heartfelt words written by our students and were so excited to share them with Ayala. Thank you to YOF parent Mr. Bob Tolchin for suggesting this initiative.


For the second initiative, students wrote letters in Hebrew to students in Paris at the Ozar Hatorah school (which itself was the scene of a massacre in 2012). The letters from YOF were delivered to France along with letters from Magen David and Hillel Yeshiva by community members Allegra and Chucky Mamiye and family. The students and teachers at Ozar Hatorah were so moved by the thoughtfulness and concern of their American brothers and sisters. Thanks to trustee Jack Mann for sharing this idea. Tizku l'mitzvot!